The Orlando Scholarship

Orlando Arts Scholarship Announced~

2018 Winners were announced during the natioanl pageant. They were Angelica Jones from Florida and Mason Williams of Texas!!~  Congratulations Angelica and Mason! 

For almost a decade, the Miss High School America, partnered with the The Livingston Foundation, has awarded over $200,000 in scholarships! We are so thankful to the Livingston Foundation for their support of the Miss High School America Organization.

Attention Graduating Seniors (2018) or college student:

The Livingston Foundation will be awarding the "Arts" Scholarship to two graduating students (boy and a girl) $2500 each! 

If you know of a graduating senior boy/girl or college student, strong in an art field ( Vocal, Instrumental, Theater, Painting, Sculpture, anything related to the "arts") Please contact us! 

The deadline is May15, 2019. 

To receive scholarship application information, please contact us: